Beauty from the Inside Out

Beauty is on the inside. While many use this old saying to speak of a person’s character, there is some real truth in it. Healthier people have prettier skin, normal weight ranges, and frankly just look and feel much better. Yet when it comes to beauty, many try the outside in approach, spending thousands of dollars on creams lotions and potions or even more extreme – the surgical solution.Weight Loss and Beauty

Then we get to weight loss. Between the programs, pills and exercise DVDs, it’s a wonder anyone ever loses any weight! Plus, there is a “quick fix” mentality that causes continual weight fluctuations in the person, often resulting in investment in programs that do not work and add to the ever-growing obesity epidemic. What every person really desires is a way to get to a healthy weight, look great, feel great and do it without enormous effort and major life-style changes.

For you, the health and wellness professional, it’s important to provide services in this area that are safe, proven, and really work. Fortunately, there is a solution that provides solid results for patients/clients while also giving you an opportunity to maximize your investment – the HOCATT™ Plus.  Your patients will be enlivened and enthusiastic about their results, celebrating a sense of well-being and confidence.  In turn, your practice will be invigorated.

The HOCATT™ Plus offers the opportunity to embrace a more natural and healthy “inside- out” approach. The HOCATT™ system sets the stage for the body to oxygenate the cells, stimulate natural anti oxidant production in body, balance nerve function and detoxify the endocrine system.  The body then speeds up cellular metabolism and activates the immune system. The elimination of toxins leads to superb cell regeneration in the organs, muscles and the skin. The accelerated cell performance leaves the skin looking healthy,  smooth, elastic (better function of collagen fibers), medically clean (removing toxins excreted in the sweat via the skin) and is now in a perfect place for the extra stimulated anti-oxidants to diminish the wrinkles (free radical scavenging effect) and stretch marks (anti-fibrotic effect).

Muscle Toning, Sculpting and Calorie Burning  = Healthy, Vibrant, Attractive  Body!

The HOCATT™ Plus is a strategic wellness system that supports your patients/clients in achieving many fitness goals, including toning the muscles, maintaining healthy weight, sculpting fat in focused areas and injecting energy with enhanced calorie burning.

Through the multiple modalities provided, your patients/clients will find it easy to achieve the results they want, while also receiving other benefits. With HOCATT™, your patients can enjoy the newest scientifically proven exercise simulation therapies, all while sitting back comfortably listening to their favorite music or watching a movie or just closing their eyes, relaxing or meditating. These therapies include:

  • Exercise with Oxygen Therapy  – exercise does not need to be grueling. Burn up to 600 calories or more and get a rigorous cardiovascular workout while saturating  cells with pure oxygen
  • Electric pulse muscle exercise  –  patients can tone  muscle while sitting back comfortably and enjoying the feeling of relaxation; the effect on their nervous system is euphoric
  • Potentiated Hyperthermia Calorie burning – HOCATT™ Plus’s radically distinctive FIR and Steam hyperthermia combination out-perform the worlds leading medical whole body hyperthermia device.   Not only does it provide intensified calorie burning but also increased cardiovascular out-put.Pain free Carboxy Cellulite and skin tone Therapy – your patient can have intensified carboxy therapy without needles, painlessly helping skin tone, scar marks and cellulite.

Part of the Wellness Strategy

Providing patients with a strategic way to achieve and maintain weight loss and beauty goals gives your practice an opportunity to crack the code on these seemingly elusive goals. The HOCATT™ is a powerful tool that supports you in treating your patients holistically without unnecessary drugs and invasive procedures. Natural beauty calls for natural treatments. Introduce HOCATT™ to your patients and watch their weight loss and beauty goals become a long-term reality – along with improving their overall health.