Guarantee/Warranty Information for the HOCATT™ Plus

The HOCATT™ sets the gold standard for the industry with the best product covered by the best and longest warranty in the industry. The owner of Signature Health relocated his home to be on-site and manage day to day operations to ensure all manufacturing is to his precise and exacting specifications. Providing the absolute best product to his customers is that important! He strives continually to be the best and will not accept less than the best materials and workmanship. When you are confident that you have the best product and the best service for your customers, it is easy to offer the best guarantee/warranty coverage!

“Take assurance that Signature Health has your best interest at heart. Our product is there to serve you. We believe that this is a manifestation of the passion that burns in our hearts for anyone who invested in our product. We commit ourselves to deal with your guarantee or warranty query in the same spirit and will do our utmost to rectify any problem as fast and effectively as possible. You can be confident that with appropriate application the Signature Health System should give you many years of trouble-free use.” Signature Health owner, Andre Smith.


Quality of Product and Workmanship

HOCATT Guarantee - Quality

The body of the HOCATT™ chamber is made from an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) outer skin that is structurally supported with fiberglass. The cost of producing ABS is twice the cost of cheaper materials, but it is considered superior due to its strength, rigidity, hardness, gloss, toughness and electrical insulation properties.  Download our full guarantee above to learn more about the our quality construction.

HOCATT Guarantee - Safety

“CE” has become the baseline for many national and regional safety standards, and a preferential standard, which is universally recognized in today’s global economic market. Laboratory technicians have rigorously tested the safety mechanisms of the HOCATT™ to prove that they provide you with the utmost safety and quality. Download our full guarantee above to learn more about the safety measures built into every HOCATT™ Plus Professional we build.

HOCATT Guarantee - HOCATT Plus

The HOCATT™ steam cabinet is guaranteed to provide superior service for many years and is covered by the longest warranty in the industry for defects in materials or workmanship. We have a one year warranty that is among the best in the business. Please note that hairline surface cracks can sometimes occur and are not covered, but do not hinder use in any way. Learn about our Steam cabinet and more when you Download our Guarantee.

HOCATT Guarantee - Electronics

The HOCATT™ provides 3 years coverage on the circuit boards, CPU, photon lights, Far Infrared transformers, steam generators, liposuction device and both high and low flow destructor motors (not the carbon filters). The handles for the Electronic Stimulator (not the connecting wires), the Heart Rate Monitor and the oxygen concentrator carry one-year coverage. Learn why you never have to worry about down time for your business or patients when you Download the HOCATT™ guarantee above.

HOCATT Guarantee - Quality

At Signature Health, we know we have done everything necessary to provide you with the best product on the market and that we will service your needs to ensure you receive its full benefits. We are confident in our product and the results it offers. If you purchase a HOCATT™ and it doesn’t fully meet your expectations, ship it back to us within 30 days of receipt. As long as it is still in new condition, we will provide you with a refund. Download the HOCATT™ guarantee above.

HOCATT Guarantee - Purchaser Responsibilities

Your HOCATT™ Plus purchase is a smart investment, and it’s important to read and understand your Guarantee and Warranty information. Damage caused by abuse or deviation from instructed use cannot be covered by our guarantee or warranty policy. The owner is responsible for safe transport, installation, & operation. Please inspect your HOCATT™ unit for damages on arrival. If damage is found please contact us. Learn how to follow up with us regarding damage or returns Download our Guarantee.