Athletic Performance

HOCATT™ for Athletes

As a professional athlete, we know that your greatest asset in life is your own body. It is the very tool or vehicle that determines what your future is going to look like.  Safeguarding and enforcing your future can be very confusing and somewhat mindboggling with the many options available, some with merit and some with less.

The HOCATT™ System is a well thought out strategy enabling athletes to maintain highest-level conditioning, thereby delivering peak performance and competitiveness. This is the EDGE. This is The HOCATT™ System for athletic performance.

Athletic Performance

What makes the HOCATT™ System the most appealing device for professional sports and health professionals is the multifunctional approach to treatment before and/or when the challenges occur.

The HOCATT™ System is loaded with an arsenal of the most popular and proven modalities/therapies in the athletics arena. When there is an injury no one can make more time for the athlete to recover but we can show you how to save more time, while in recovery. The orchestration of these modality/therapies is presented to the body in a far more effective, practical, cost-effective, and time-saving way. The magic occurs when the multi-applications automatically run in the correct order producing a symphony like effect with the body. When the body is given the chance, with the proper environment, it is opportunistic in its ability to revitalize, replenish, and renew, on its own. Our body is already loaded with the genetic code for harmony and balance. The HOCATT™ System merely helps the body return to “original manufacturer specifications”, naturally.

Benefits for Athletes

  • It enhance performance qualitative and quantitative
  • It prolongs a career thru prevention and preservation
  • It produce higher endurance and stamina
  • It is an excellent tool to reduce physical and emotional stress
  • It reduce muscle spasms and pain
  • It strengthens and help rebuild the muscleloskeletal system
  • It prevents and reduces brain damage in athletes
  • It enables higher energy production in athletes
  • It breaks down lactic acid in muscles
  • It breaks down excess adrenaline in the muscles
  • It promotes longevity in athletes
  • It protects the skin against the sun’s impact and prevents skin cancer
  • It enhances great skin tone and helps prevent stretchmarks
  • It is a pleasurable, rejuvenating way to end your practice session
  • It prevents varicose veins in athletes
  • It reduces swelling and inflammation in injuries
  • It promotes solid wellbeing
  • Its combination of simultaneous therapies is the fastest and most effective way to defuse and protect your body from the harsh induced stress of a professional sportsmen
  • It strengthen joints and muscles
  • It increase your chance to live without permanent pain and disability after your sports career due to the prolonged physical impact on your body
  • It quickens recovery time in a natural no side effects way
  • You don’t have to choose between therapy and rejuvenation options. You can have it all!

Benefits for Health Professionals

  • Excellent tool for providing service to injured athletes
  • Excellent tool for performance enhancement strategies for coaches
  • Excellent tool to preserve athletes during long seasons and careers
  • Physiotherapists can really benefit from this device in terms of pre and post rehabilitation
  • HP can now promote this therapy to athletes for performance enhancement instead of just seeing injured athletes
  • Offering a performance enhancement and preservation strategy immediately reveal a HP as responsible and more accountable therapist that athletes can trust and spend more time with
  • It presents a fresh and much more beneficial way to practice alternating therapies which every therapist already practices anyway. Attract new clients with a new better way !!
  • The hocatt does everything automatically and once the athlete is in the chamber, no more human intervention is needed.

Do you have evidence to back it up?

Professor Nabil Mawsouf, Vice President of the International Scientific Committee for Ozone therapy is probably the one Ozone Scientist who has done the most extensive work with Ozone CO2 Hyperthermic Chambers in the world. He is also a  Professor at the Department of Anaesthetics, ICU  and Pain Management at the National Cancer Institute at Cairo University, Egypt. He was instrumental in establishing the first government approved Ozone Hospital in Oman and a key challenge that he had to meet was to identify the best Ozone Hyperthermic system available for this world leading facility. As a world-renowned speaker at conferences across the globe, he has a detailed knowledge of what systems are available and how well they perform.  After extensive tests and trials, the Signature Health system was chosen; it represented the state of the art in Ozone Hyperthermic systems. After using the Signature Health Ozone Hyperthermic System, he agreed to be the Scientific Consultant to Signature Health and following further development, the HOCATT™ System was born.

Here is something else to consider carefully…

Clinical test results for the effects of ozone benefits for athletes. The study was carried out using two groups of athletes aged 20-21 in their final year at The Faculty of Physical Education at Helwan University.

Stage One

Lactic Acid measurements were taken following 10 minutes of exercise using an ergonomic cycle used at 60 cycles per minute until the pulse  rate reached the theoretical “maximum oxygen utilisation rate” of 160/min, following 20 minutes of rest.

The second day saw the same regime repeated but this time the athletes were exposed to the Ozone Steam Bath (using the Ionozone Bath Cabinet).

Stage Two

This consisted of the same elements of Stage One but in this instance the measurements for the study group were repeated following six sessions of Ozone Steam Bath during a two month period.

The groups were also measured during rhythmic gymnastics performances and the evaluation was carried out by three professors from the university. Evaluations were carried out twice for both groups, at the start of the program and then after two months.

The results showed tremendous improvements for the group using Ozone Therapy when compared to the “control” group that merely rested and recovered without Ozone Therapy assistance.

Results of tests also showed:

  • Physical fitness increased 11.55% in group I and 53.7% in group II.
  • Reduced glutathione increased 19.91% in group I and 32.81% in group II.
  • Oxidized glutathione increased 13.1% in group I and 23.8% in group II.


Glutathione, or GSH, is an antioxidant found in every cell in the body. It is widely known for controlling free radicals. The majority of glutathione in the body is present in its reduced form because this is the only way it can perform its critical role.

Oxidized glutathione (GSSG) is composed of two identical molecules joined by a thiol bridge. The oxidized form of glutathione results from the oxidation of the reduced form of glutathione (GSH) by intracellular peroxides. As such, GSH is a highly effective peroxide scavenger.

The Opportunity For You
The world of coaching and training is both rewarding and highly competitive, with athletes and private clients having an unlimited choice of whom they work with (and with whom they invest their money). As many coaches and trainers have similar qualifications and similar experience, it becomes difficult for athletes and clients to really choose one to work with that can really deliver something over and above a standard regime. And this is where the HOCATT™ System for Coaches and Trainers enables you to stand above all of your competitors, delivering a range of proven therapies that your clients would usually only have access to at Medical Facilities or top level Health Spas.

Here are just a few of the many advantages the HOCATT™  System can provide for you and your business.

  • A profitable range of new “revenue streams” achieved by fully utilizing the system and its wide range of therapies. These can be delivered to both new and existing clients.
  • Deliver more training to existing clients as the system enables reduced recovery periods and therefore, more training and conditioning to be undertaken by your clients.
  • Set yourself apart and above your competitors; the HOCATT™ System for Coaches and Trainers will raise your profile within your industry, enabling you to reach more clients, offer more to them, and to charge “top dollar” fees for therapies that just aren’t available elsewhere.

Learn more about what the HOCATT™ can you for you and also purchase and lease options available when you contact us.