Anti Aging / Detoxification / Wellness

Maturing is a natural occurrence. Truthfully, we cannot keep from getting older. And yet consumers will spend millions of dollars attempting to stop the aging process. Interesting when you really think about what aging truly is – an accumulation of free radicals in the body creating sickness, wrinkles and overall poor health. When these free radicals increase, as in the case of poor wellness practices, it can lead to damage of the cell wall and proteins thereby causing what we have come to call “aging.”
Your patients and customers will go to great lengths to stop aging, which really means they want to stay healthier, feel better and look their very best. The process to do this is detoxification – removing the free radicals from the body that cause the cellular aging process in the skin and organs.  By taking steps to remove toxins and free radicals from their bodies, your patients will look and feel better. Fortunately, the process to do this is now much simpler…Anti Aging, Detox and Wellness

Giving Cells a Breath of Fresh Air

There are many reasons free radicals take up residence in our customers’ bodies, including high stress levels, polluted environments, poor diet, overindulging in alcohol or other substances, and frankly just living the fast-food get it now lives that are so popular today. Free radicals can stay in your patients’ bodies because they have lost the ability to detoxify, particularly since the free radicals are being introduced at a very rapid pace. Fortunately, there is a simple, easy way to begin evicting free radicals and giving your customers and patients a healthier existence – Ozone treatments via the HOCATT™.

Medical ozone has a powerful detoxifying effect by stimulating the functions of organs that assist in the removal of free radicals; in particular the liver, kidney and skin. The patients will begin to receive relief from some of their more chronic issues. In fact, detoxification is known to provide relief for:

  • Chronic digestive issues
  • Impaired liver function
  • Chronic headaches
  • Ongoing skin conditions
  • Stiff, aching joints and muscles
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Allergies
  • Lower energy and fatigue

Part of the Wellness Strategy

Providing customers with a strategic way to achieve wellness, many for the first time in their lives, will ensure you have patients and customers for life. The HOCATT™ uses multiple modalities to ensure that the patient is receiving scientifically vetted treatments that will actually provide anti-aging.  Furthermore, the long-term wellness benefits via detoxification not only cleanse the body, but keep it clean, truly reversing the “aging” process. Once patients realize the benefits of Ozone therapy via the HOCATT™, they will not only thank you, but they will continue to come back for more.